When You Go White…

Two Vietnamese women who are not for you.

One of the biggest hoaxes perpetrated on Western men in Vietnam is the idea that we are better lovers and boyfriend material when compared to local men. While it is true that Western men get a sizable boost on their perceived looks, status and wealth when coming to Vietnam, it’s

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Who’s the Hooker?

Telling pros from non-pros is the hardest thing when you first venture into the Saigon nightlife. It’s hard even for a seasoned Western whoremonger used to the more “transparent” trade practices of Thailand, Cambodia or the Philippines. A Bangkok threesome-themed brothel owner once told me he didn’t like Saigon because

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the object of her love

This post is about a Vietnamese woman’s true love for her Đại Gia. Đại Gia is Vietnamese for “rich man” and by extension “rich boyfriend who takes care of me”. It is not a derogative term – Đại Gia is actually an accepted fact of life in Vietnam and a

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The Bs. Love Manifest

DJ Oxy, a Vietnamese performing artist known for her tentalizing soundscapes, among other things

Welcome to my blog where I attempt to describe the dynamics at work between Western men and Vietnamese women. My thoughts are mostly inspired by events I experienced or witnessed in and around the Saigon nightlife, however you may find some universal quality to them as they are written from

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