Exclusive: Little Japan bar girls’ take-home pay

Japanese bar fee structure

Bs. Love got his hands on this insightful document from one of the Japanese-style girlie bars in the hẻms of Thái Văn Lung/Lê Thánh Tôn streets. This sheet details the unexpectedly complex compensation structure of the girls working there – obviously not including their afterhours freelancing and whatever they do in those “business meeting” rooms upstairs. The management went to

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Book Review: An Ethnography of Saigon Hostess Bars

Dealing in Desire book cover

Once in a while Bs. Love likes to refresh his academic knowledge by treating himself with some thoroughly researched, scholarly article. Even better if the title reads “She’s Not A Dirty Low-Class Girl!: Sex Work in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.” I found that decade-old ethnography paper (full PDF) some time ago, probably while googling Vietnamese hookers, as one does.

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The Subtle Art of Shoring

Few things in the Saigon nightlife are more satisfying than sleeping with hookers for free.  As stated in the Bs. Love Manifest, this blog is about meeting girls who want to fuck me, rather than those who need to fuck me. Genuine sexual desire (validational sex) always beats negociated sexual desire (transactional sex), on both a physical and psychological level.  Unfortunately,

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The Blessings and Curses of Cosmetic Surgery (with pictures!)

With economic growth helping, more Vietnamese women turn to cosmetic surgery in their quest to look ever more desirable. Which means more beautiful women on the market, for an unchanged number of eligible men. What’s not to love? Vietnamese women in general always strive to look their best for any social occasion – actually way too much to untrained Western eyes.

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The Snobbish Foreigner Chaser

To become a good Foreigner Chaser, one must think like a foreigner. Some Vietnamese ladies have perfected the art of aping Western tastes, habits, opinions, feelings and worldviews to the point they can bluff the most seasoned expat into believing they’re “Westernized”.  They profess their love for our food, our music, our movies. They hang out at international places. They

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A Ride on the Western C**k Carousel

double trouble

Stay single in Saigon long enough, and you’ll find yourself dick brothers with most other guys who’ve been on the dating scene for the past few years. It’s just simple maths. We’re not that many single Western men in Saigon, and there aren’t that many single, English-speaking, non-pro girls down to fuck us. If you’ll humor me with a little

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The Master Plan

Ad in Heritage Magazine

This ad was recently found in Vietnam Airlines’ Heritage in-flight magazine. Advertising often being a reflection of its time and culture, I found it very interesting to see an immigration consultant address the aspirations of certain Vietnamese young females so directly. And perhaps shamelessly. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to connect their four lines of service in chronological order:

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