The Bs. Love Manifest

DJ Oxy, a Vietnamese performing artist known for her tentalizing soundscapes, among other things

Welcome to my blog where I attempt to describe the dynamics at work between Western men and Vietnamese women.

My thoughts are mostly inspired by events I experienced or witnessed in and around the Saigon nightlife, however you may find some universal quality to them as they are written from a “Red-Pill-aware” perspective (I’m a big fan of Rollo Tomassi, who practically saved my soul a few years back, and whose terminology I borrow heavily in this blog).

B.s. Love is about a Western man trying to meet Vietnamese women who will fuck him on his own merit.

While getting laid is somewhat easy for us folks around here, it’s much more challenging to obtain genuine attention and respect from the beautiful ladies who roam the Saigon nightlife.

After a few years in Vietnam I came to accept that the true reason I came to this country was to feed my hunger for attention from other people (including, but not restricted to, hot girls). Every day I meet people who make me feel special as a foreigner in their land. Whether they’re fun or annoying, deep down, I love every minute of it. But when it comes to intimacy with women, I want the right kind of attention.

I like to meet girls who want to fuck me, as opposed to girls who need to fuck me. The former are elusive while the latter are aplenty around these parts. There’s a huge difference in terms of the resulting feelings of achievement, pride, and fulfilling one’s life purpose (that is, if your life goal is to enjoy the sexual affection of hot, younger women). But the line between the two can be very fine on the surface. Deception is the name of the game. B.s. Love is about enjoying the game even if there is no love in the end.

Pictured: DJ Oxy, a Vietnamese performing artist known for her tentalizing soundscapes among other talents.

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  • San Francisco Steve

    Doctor! Prepping for my first trip to Vietnam. Fortunate to have found your blog. Appreciate the tips. And the pics are definitely whetting my appetite. Thanks

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