The Subtle Art of Shoring

Few things in the Saigon nightlife are more satisfying than sleeping with hookers for free. 

As stated in the Bs. Love Manifest, this blog is about meeting girls who want to fuck me, rather than those who need to fuck me. Genuine sexual desire (validational sex) always beats negociated sexual desire (transactional sex), on both a physical and psychological level.  Unfortunately, very few sexual interactions between men and women involve actual, feral desire on the part of females – and a minority of men ever experience it.

Only women, children and dogs are loved unconditionally. A man is only loved under the condition that he provides something.
Chris Rock

Hot or not, rich or poor, women most often fuck men in exchange for something else, be it long-term provisioning, basic security, career advancement, room and board, or of course, cold hard cash. Only with the latter is the woman’s intention decidedly unambiguous.

Which brings us to Saigon hookers, some of the greediest women you’ll ever meet. From pay-per-use bar hoes to long-con golddiggers, these cold-hearted bitches spend their whole life chasing money. Most have been told from a very young age that they have no other purpose in life than extracting resources from men, and that their value in society is measured solely by their loot.

Yet you might fuck them for free.

In whoremonger parlance this is called shoring (this guy claims to have coined the term), and it’s given me some of my most gratifying sexual experiences in this country.

The sense of pride and achievement you get from shoring is probably rooted in the same brain area associated with competition or problem solving; except it’s much more fun than any other game. It’s a fleeting feeling though – it leaves you only wanting more shoring, and forever dwarfs whatever pleasure you had when paying for sex.

The good thing with money, or the absence thereof, is it only makes the contrast more vivid between validational and transactional sex. And of course hookers will do anything in bed!

However elusive, the possibility of shoring Saigon hookers shows there’s still a bit of humanity left in their web of deceit. I guess they’re still normal women after all. (I guess this post brings a refreshing counterpoint to my depressing 7 Saigon girl pricing models.)

So how do you “get lucky”? From my own experience and the accounts of others, I have come to believe that shoring has less to do with luck than with bending the circumstances in your favor. Women in general are very pragmatic with their sexual agency: either they want to fuck you or they don’t. Genuine desire is, by definition, non negotiable.

In his post “Shoring 101”, Naughty Nomad shared some good tactics for bending the circumstances with hookers in the developing world. I’d like to elaborate on the subject with a Vietnamese angle and some Red Pill theory. Let’s start with the fundamental idea behind Naughty Nomad’s “7 golden rules”:

There are customers, and then there’s you.

If you behave as someone inclined to give money in exchange for sexual attention, then you’ll get exactly that kind of attention – transactional. Whether you’re looking for company at Apo or on Tinder, greedy Saigon girls will immediately sniff you out as a potential customer. On the other hand, if you behave like someone who doesn’t expect to pay anything beyond drinks and (shared) taxi rides, then you’ll set the stage for validational sex. 

In their minds the difference is clear. Every time I shored a hooker and the subject of her income came up, be it from Johns in the bar or her loving Đại Gia, she obviously viewed these guys as customers (even when she called them “my boyfriend”) while she treated me as another category of man; her fun fuckboy, her “bạn trai chơi”, in other words her Alpha Fuck. 

Some girls had no choice to be transparent with me, since the guys in question summoned or video-called them in the middle of our encounters. One such “boyfriend” once showed up unannounced at my girl’s back alley house, but a neighbor warned her just in time so I could get out of her bed and pretend to be her gay cousin’s boyfriend. That was the first time I kissed a man 😉 Other times I was not so lucky.

Shoring a hooker often involves dealing with “boyfriends” for the simple reason that in her view, fucking for free amounts to taking unpaid leave. If she already made good money for the week, or if some Đại Gia is stuffing her bank account in the background, she’ll be safe in the knowledge that she can afford to have some genuine sex for fun. 

She may ask you to pretend to be a customer in front of her colleagues, though (“Please tell them you gave me 3 millions!”) in order to save face as a respectable professional.

Other girls are more discreet and won’t even tell you they’re hookers in the first place. You may have shored more hookers than you think!

One interesting trait of Saigon hookers is their high degree of superstition. I was once told that if they happened to have an auspicious day after fucking a guy for free, they would see that guy as their good luck charm and come back for more. Even better than Alpha Fuck, you can be her Karma Fuck! (Note to self: Title idea for my next dance hit) 

Warning: Lying is NOT shoring.

Shoring hookers should not be confused with being played for a sucker. I’m speaking of these girls who pretend not to be hookers when they sense they’ve caught a potential long-term provider. 

As opposed to Western escorts who focus mainly on the job at hand (pun intended), hookers from the developing world will almost always try to find boyfriends and husbands. They will fuck you for free while pretending to love you for your “big heart”, refusing any kind of money, helping you get good prices around town etc., but soon enough they’ll start asking for small gifts, and then cold hard cash – the good old “sick buffalo” trick. This is a very well-known trap, but still, hordes of men fall into it every day.

Now, you could use this to your advantage by playing the naive foreigner. All you have to do is enjoy the free pussy and bail out as soon as Grandma’s hospital bill comes up. However, I don’t think this qualifies as true shoring because money is indeed expected, if not paid. Her sexuality is 100% transactional from the get go, thus not as rewarding as genuine sexual desire.

From her point of view, what you did is not that different from kicking a pay-per-use hooker out your hotel room without paying. After all, acting is lying. I’ll give it to you, conning a Saigon hooker into thinking she’s conning you is an outstanding feat in its own right – but it’s not shoring, because you won’t get the thrill of validational sex. She faked it just as much as you did.

Actually, the last time a hooker gave me fake shoring wasn’t because I was being dishonest. She was just plain stupid, hoping to convert me even though I was an obvious dead-end. The sex was free but crappy. Needless to say her conversation wasn’t fascinating either.

I believe that genuine shoring doesn’t require much manipulation. Once you’ve firmly established your mindset as a non-customer (which gets easier with time spent in Saigon bars), the rest only depends on good old intersexual dynamics. 

Hypergamy never lies.

In Saigon bars as anywhere elsewhere, women follow the same hypergamic sexual strategy: they’re aroused sexually by men whose Sexual Market Value is equal or superior to their own (Alpha seeds), while lower-SMV men are kept on hand for long-term comfort and security (Beta needs). The only difference with hookers is they’re willing to give the same short-term mating opportunities to lower-SMV men, in exchange for money.

On a SMV scale from 1 to 10, if the hooker is a 8 and John is a 5, he’ll need to fill his SMV gap with money to fuck her. If you, on the other hand, qualify as a 9 in her eyes, she’ll be willing to fuck you for free. (She may go with John first if she really needs the money, but she’ll come around to your bed eventually.) Now if Jack comes along with even more money, she’ll definitely choose him over you and John, even though Jack’s an ugly-ass 3. (You’ll just shore her another time when Jack’s not around).

Of course SMV is a matter of subjectivity and context. Some girls may find John’s a 6 and on some nights you’ll be a 7, depending of your perceived looks/status/game at that particular place and time. Alcohol will influence your results, too. And the group you’re hanging out with. And the fancy place and the drugs you may or may not have.

It’s all relative, really.

Only one thing is sure: most guys won’t ever shore the super-hot hookers (aka the 10’s). Short of being a celebrity or the club’s owner, you can forget about them. Many of them are not into Western dudes anyway. Just come back in 5 to 10 years when their beauty starts to fade. Time in always on our side, my friends.

Pictures: A bad girl you could shore if you’re good.

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