Boring Man Meets Westerner Chaser

After a while living in Saigon you start to wonder, why do so many cute chicks have the most boring, nerdy kind of Westerner as a boyfriend?

You know which guys I’m referring to. The kind with an awkward vibe that screams “I can’t get Western pussy!” and probably didn’t have much experience with women prior to their arrival in Vietnam. And now they’re swimming in pussy! All it took was an overseas flight to make them suddenly interesting to attractive women.

The Boring Western Man is not just boring, he’s also culturally lazy. However long he’s lived here, he’s unapologetically clueless about the country. You’ll meet him at overpriced expat residences, overpriced “international” restaurants, and pretty much anywhere in Thảo Điền (Hồ Chí Minh), Tây Hồ (Hà Nội), Mỹ An (Đà Nẵng), Mũi Né or similar bubbles.

You would think acting like a permanent tourist is not seductive to any woman, anywhere. Yet many Vietnamese ladies hunt the Boring Western Man, precisely because of his cultural handicap.

Enter Westerner Chaser.

She’s usually dark-skinned, divorced mom, over 25, overweight, or all of the above, which disqualifies her for local boyfriends. She speaks English somewhat OK, which gives her high status in her community. She may be sexy enough (see picture above) to fuck interesting Western men, but she knows she won’t be able to keep and control them. So she settles for the Boring Western Man whom she knows will behave. As for him, he’s very happy to trade his cultural ignorance for an Asian girlfriend ranking much higher than him in the SMV chart.

In the West, being a boring man is usually a death spell as far as romantic life is concerned. Boring is the single worst thing you can be to a woman, ranking above ugly, old, fat or bald.

We men have been blessed with the chance to not only rely on looks to get hot girls – we also have Status, Game, and of course Money (the one you spend, not the one you have). While there’s only so much we can do about our looks (through wardrobe, gym etc.), we are lucky enough to have leeway in other areas of female attraction. Status and Money definitely get a boost by the mere fact of being a Westerner in Asia. But Game won’t get better just by moving abroad. The same broad rules apply as anywhere else, with some cultural variations: taking the lead, keeping her guessing, maintaining frame, etc. This sort of things has been discussed abundantly in the PUA community.

So how come Western guys with zero game can still get cute tail in Vietnam while keeping their utterly boring self intact?

Something else is at work.

The Foreigner Chaser has an agenda that has nothing to do with love or attraction; and she’ll achieve it by keeping her boyfriend in the dark as much a possible. Hence the nerdier the better. If she can control him 100% she will deploy her hypergamic plans with no end in sight:

  • Get every Vietnamese friend in your circle to partake in the illusion that you love him and he’s not just a tool. Check !!
  • Gain face by parading your Western BF around and speaking English to him loudly enough for any Vietnamese passerby to notice. Check !!
  • Get pregnant from an [one-night-stand fuckboy] other man and pretend it’s his child (and reject DNA tests as a treacherous questioning of your pure love). Check !!
  • Obtain Visas to his home country for your whole family, on his dime. Check !!

In the end these men pay dearly. Not only they find out their beloved girlfriend has been fucking every hotboy she came across when they looked the other way (you know, all these nights she spent at Blanchy, Xu, Lush or Apo “partying with friends”), but some of them will end up being asked to love a child that’s not even theirs.

Poor souls. I wish I could relate and help them, but they had it coming and they deserve it. Living in a faraway, strange Asian land is no excuse for deliberate ignorance and laziness. Knowing as least as possible about the local culture is a sure way to get Foreigner Chaser pussy, but it’s definitely not worth it.

Pictured: A woman probably willing to fuck boring Westerners.

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