The Subtle Art of Shoring

Few things in the Saigon nightlife are more satisfying than sleeping with hookers for free.  As stated in the Bs. Love Manifest, this whole blog is about meeting girls who want to fuck me, rather than those who need to fuck me. Genuine sexual desire (validational sex) always beats negociated sexual desire (transactional sex), on both a physical and psychological level.

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How I Got Beat Up by Captain Save-A-Ho

Recently I had the pleasure of getting beat up by five Vietnamese thugs hired by a foreign jealous boyfriend. They just came out of nowhere and jumped me as I was drinking with buddies at a popular Saigon bar. I couldn’t do a thing. Security took a long minute to intervene (perhaps they got a commission). Luckily it wasn’t too painful;

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Who’s the Hooker?

Telling pros from non-pros is the hardest thing when you first venture into the Saigon nightlife. It’s hard even for a seasoned Western whoremonger used to the more “transparent” trade practices of Thailand, Cambodia or the Philippines. A Bangkok threesome-themed brothel owner once told me he didn’t like Saigon because “a guy has to bring his own lunch” here. Even

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