Book Review: An Ethnography of Saigon Hostess Bars

Dealing in Desire book cover

Once in a while Bs. Love likes to refresh his academic knowledge by treating himself with some thoroughly researched, scholarly article. Even better if the title reads “She’s Not A Dirty Low-Class Girl!: Sex Work in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.” I found that decade-old ethnography paper (full PDF) some time ago, probably while googling Vietnamese hookers, as one does.

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The Master Plan

Ad in Heritage Magazine

This ad was recently found in Vietnam Airlines’ Heritage in-flight magazine. Advertising often being a reflection of its time and culture, I found it very interesting to see an immigration consultant address the aspirations of certain Vietnamese young females so directly. And perhaps shamelessly. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to connect their four lines of service in chronological order:

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the object of her love

This post is about a Vietnamese woman’s true love for her Đại Gia. Đại Gia is Vietnamese for “rich man” and by extension “rich boyfriend who takes care of me”. It is not a derogative term – Đại Gia is actually an accepted fact of life in Vietnam and a fixture of popular entertainment including many music videos where the

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