The Snobbish Foreigner Chaser

To become a good Foreigner Chaser, one must think like a foreigner. Some Vietnamese ladies have perfected the art of aping Western tastes, habits, opinions, feelings and worldviews to the point they can bluff the most seasoned expat into believing they’re “Westernized”.  They profess their love for our food, our music, our movies. They hang out at international places. They

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A Ride on the Western C**k Carousel

double trouble

Stay single in Saigon long enough, and you’ll find yourself dick brothers with most other guys who’ve been on the dating scene for the past few years. It’s just simple maths. We’re not that many single Western men in Saigon, and there aren’t that many single, English-speaking, non-pro girls down to fuck us. If you’ll humor me with a little

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My Jealous Western Boyfriend

Nowhere have I ever met so many jealous guys as in Saigon’s expat community. Not all, but a good number of Western men tend to exhibit that deplorable trait after settling down with a Vietnamese girlfriend. As far as the ladies are concerned, it’s actually a good thing. Many times I heard “successful” interracial relationships described to me along these

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