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Who’s the Hooker?

Telling pros from non-pros is the hardest thing when you first venture into the Saigon nightlife. It’s hard even for a seasoned Western whoremonger used to the more “transparent” trade practices of Thailand, Cambodia or the Philippines. A Bangkok threesome-themed brothel owner once told me he didn’t like Saigon because “a guy has to bring his own lunch” here. Even

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My Jealous Western Boyfriend

Nowhere have I ever met so many jealous guys as in Saigon’s expat community. Not all, but a good number of Western men tend to exhibit that deplorable trait after settling down with a Vietnamese girlfriend. As far as the ladies are concerned, it’s actually a good thing. Many times I heard “successful” interracial relationships described to me along these

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the object of her love

This post is about a Vietnamese woman’s true love for her Đại Gia. Đại Gia is Vietnamese for “rich man” and by extension “rich boyfriend who takes care of me”. It is not a derogative term – Đại Gia is actually an accepted fact of life in Vietnam and a fixture of popular entertainment including many music videos where the

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The Bs. Love Manifest

DJ Oxy, a Vietnamese performing artist known for her tentalizing soundscapes, among other things

Welcome to my blog where I attempt to describe the dynamics at work between Western men and Vietnamese women. My thoughts are mostly inspired by events I experienced or witnessed in and around the Saigon nightlife, however you may find some universal quality to them as they are written from a “Red-Pill-aware” perspective (I’m a big fan of Rollo Tomassi,

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